Paramount Coffee Project


 Los Angeles,CA


Job Details

Paramount Coffee Project currently has an opening for a Barista. The potential candidate must be someone who is passionate and engaged about both coffee and exceptional customer service. For this position, the individual must have a positive attitude, understand the principles of providing great hospitality, be able to work efficiently in a fast paced environment and collaborate with others. They must have the desire/ability to connect with guests and build positive relationships with all customers. They must have a casual approach to excellent service and be able to demonstrate a true interest and passion in taking care of people.

Technical skills are required!!

A little about us! Paramount Coffee Project was established in Surry Hills, Sydney, envisioned as a space that would showcase the variety of styles and approaches of specialty coffee. PCP is a cafe showcasing exceptional local and international roasters presented in an unbiased and educational format. It is a platform for establishing connections and creating relationships between local and international roasters, farmers and brewers. PCP creates a way to cross-promote from a neutral perspective with only the integrity of the coffee in mind.

On a day-to-day basis PCP is a cafe which focuses on unique, delicious food and exceptional customer service. As a result there is a real emphasis on the quality of the coffee and paying tribute to all the hard work it takes to get the coffee in the cup. Our food menu focuses on breakfast and lunch and offers a variety of unique and delicious dishes. We strive for quality to filter down through all aspects of the business.

After success in Sydney, PCP chose to take their format to Los Angeles and present to an American audience. Our first location in Los Angeles is located at 456 Fairfax Ave. We have been serving coffee and food in the format of a typical Sydney/Melbourne Caf in Los Angeles for a little bit over a year now. This posting is for our growing DTLA location.